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Digital Doodle Coffee Confessions

Hello my Enchanted Darlings,

Is coffee enchanted? Probably. It lifts your spirit, creates glittering conversation, and pushes you to get things done.

Oh, wait, or is that chocolate?

Anyway, both are favorites of mine. And I made a doodle in tribute to one.

How does digital artwork fit into a mixed media blog? It’s just one more form of media to incorporate. You can play, erase, doodle, paint, add depth, add colors and take it all away over and over again without using up your well-curated supply collection of pens, paints, and pastes. I use it for teaching myself techniques, practicing life drawing, drafts of ideas, or just playing. And if I like what I made, I can print it and cut it out and use it in a physical mixed media piece.

Coffee doodle. My expression of hot bean water love.

I use AutoDesk Sketchbook Pro for my doodling and creating in the digital realm. It can travel with me on all my devices so it cuts down on the number of physical supplies I carry on the road. Want to bring ALL your Copic marker colors? Sketchbook Pro to the rescue! They are pre-loaded.

(This is not a sponsored post BTW, this is just my serious love of Sketchbook.)

A work in progress. Feather with charms.

Sketchbook Basic is now a free software so check it out in your app store. Even if you use it just for sketching that scrapbook layout idea or testing colors for a collage (you can incorporate photos and scans, too!), it’s a great way to fit in a little creativity in spare moments.

Do you use Sketchbook? Have you tried it? Will you try it now? Let me know what you think! Or is there another I should play with, too?

Next week, a little flying sticker magic. And some sparkling mermaids will be swimming by on a blog hop with Rita Barakat June 4th! Stay tuned.

With love and glitter,


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