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Somethings Fishy, Maid Here

fishbowl decorated with a blue haired mermaid looking at a sparkling sky sitting among seaweed

Hello Enchanteds!

Today I am excited to be part of a mermaid blog hop with Rita Barakat Art and Styletech Craft Vinyl. Thanks for stopping by! When you are done being inspired here, head over to the next blog hop stops!

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Public Service Announcement: Of course, we cannot (and should not) capture a mermaid and put it in a fishbowl. Firstly, it would have to be a REALLY big fishbowl. Secondly, if you were even fast and clever enough to catch a wily merperson and keep it captive in a bowl, we can agree it would be very wrong.

Video of the decorated fishbowl using mermaid die cuts and glitter craft vinyl

So, our next best thing is decorating a footed glass fishbowl with lots of seaglass and sandy sparkling colors from Styletech to create a habitat for Rita’s adorbs mermaid pre-cut paper die cuts.

You will see I chose the Ultra Metallic and Ultra Metallic FX craft vinyl sheets in sea blues, greens, sandy golds and glitter. (I’ll add the exact colors in the supplies list below.)

Styletech craft vinyl can be cut with a die cut machine, punches, craft knife or – what I chose – scissors. I am using scissors because I am looking for an organic, freehand feel to the elements of the design. And I am using simple shapes, doodled quickly, layered around a large bowl, so this makes it easier to adjust as I go.

I am also going to be using Styletech Transfer Tape. If you haven’t used transfer tape it is, to put it simply from this klutzy gal, the genius engineering tool for moving your cut vinyl shape to the item you will be adhering it to WITHOUT IT TURNING INTO A STICKY BALL THAT STICKILY STICKS TO ITSELF BECAUSE YOU ARE ALL THUMBS LIKE FOOD WRAP FROM HECK. (Ask me how I know this. Lol, you can guess) I have a photo of that step below. You WANT the craft vinyl to be pressure sensitive and self-adhering. You do not want it adhering to itself. Hence the tape. And the tape is reusable so one piece lasted me this whole project!

  1. I measured the base of the bowl and marked the back of the vinyl sheets with those measurements so I would know what area to cut within.
  2. I drew on the backing paper (reverse of the vinyl) some basic coral and seaweed shapes. You can follow along with my style or use any die cut or punch you have.
  3. I added a School of fish because this is an energy-saving-Smart-fishbowl. (No, it’s not, Just kidding.) But they are clear and glittery, There are a couple of gold sand sharks in there, too.
  4. I then cut the shapes with the backing still on. (My photos show full size scissors, and I also used detail “fussy cut” scissors on small pieces.)
  5. I placed two of the clear glitter sand shapes on either side of the bowl, then two on the remaining sides, centering by eye as I go. This gives me a base to build layers from without crowding the shapes or leaving open spaces that have to be fixed at the end.  I did NOT allow for the curve of the bowl so I would have levels and layers, like the sea floor. You may want to draw it our more curved so it places straight on the bowl. Your choice.
  6. Be sure to use the smoothing tool to press down on the vinyl – the plastic edge to smooth it onto the transfer tape, vinyl side down, before pulling off the backing. And the soft edge over the transfer tape to adhere the shape to your project, pushing any little bubbles out to the edges. Adhering to a round object is slightly trickier, so I adhered from the bottom center, up and out, to each side! The vinyl can be CAREFULLY re-positioned if you attach it a little section at a time.

Side note here:  If you haven’t worked with vinyl before, be patient and give yourself some leeway to learn as you go. Believe me, you WILL want to use Styletech craft vinyl again! It is mostly cut, transfer, stick ! But try not to rush it until you get the feel for the vinyl. (Again, ask me how I know, lol.)

  • I add in our awesome little mermaids from Rita, who fit in swimmingly, happy to be hanging in the mermaid coral reef spa. I sprayed the front of the die cuts with light coat of clear acrylic sealer first in case they get splashed by the residents of the reef. I used a large Xyron sticker maker to make them sticky, and adhered them to the bowl.
  • But… since mermaids are clever at hiding, (see opening paragraph!) let’s make them feel comfortable with a few more layers to hide behind, just in case anyone comes looking for them. I added seaweed, rocks, anemones, coral and fish.
  • Lastly, you can see this bowl complete! It can be used as décor with a little sea glass and shells (see video), with flowers from the garden, or….as a really cool home for a fish!

If you liked this project, have feedback or questions, please leave gentle comments below. You can also see video of this bowl on Facebook at @B.EnchantedDesign and Instagram at @b_enchanted. Now, head on over to the next Blog hop stop! There is more shiny inspiration awaiting you! Hurry!



With Rita and the rest of her ambassadors!

Rita Barakat

Betz Golden

Yolie Burke

Michelle Wells His Truly Beloved

Margie Higuchi

Renee Wallace Charms Buttons Bows

Cathy Potosky Amethystal Cove

Tamiko Mikos Spot

Supplies List:

From Rita Barakat Art: Mermaid Die Cuts

From Styletech Craft Vinyl in Ultra Metallics: Sea Foam Green, Champagne,; and Ultra Metallics FX: Drab Green, Pacific Teal, Stardust (transparent); Transfer Tape, Smoothing tool

Pencil or pen to mark the back of the vinyl

Xyron or other dry adhesive

Scissors (various sizes for cutting), or die cutting tool.

Clean glass bowl (shape optional, I liked my footed bargain find. Try tag sales, thrift shops to upcycle.)

Krylon spray acrylic sealer (optional for paper)

13 thoughts on “Somethings Fishy, Maid Here”

  1. Wow, Liza this is such a beautiful project! From the mermaid to the vinyl and all the elements in your piece, it all reflects a very lovely project. It is so much fun to watch the mermaid as she gazes above!!

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